• 10.10.22

    In a high-profile, high-exposure products liability case involving allegations of a defective cannabis leaf trimmer that caused serious injuries, the United States District Court for the District of Colorado granted summary judgment in favor of the manufacturer. WSHB partner Ryan Hicks and his team prevailed in navigating this victory.

  • 9.12.22

    In a closely watched case involving an admitted liability matter, jurors returned a favorable damages verdict on behalf of WSHB’s client. Trial lawyer Morgan Metzger tried this matter before Judge Ruth Ann Kwan in a case that lasted over 2 weeks.

  • 9.9.22

    Sometimes the defense is so strong that the case is gutted before it makes it to the jury. That is the result in a Santa Barbara matter where WSHB trial lawyer Frances O’Meara prevailed on her motion for a directed verdict following plaintiff’s case in chief. Focus on this case now moves to cost recovery given the result and beating the statutory offer to compromise.

  • 9.9.22

    When two companies both catering to the rich and famous of Orange County tried to merge, and failed, litigation was bound to ensue. Thankfully, for one of the companies, Rebecca Gabroy was the trial lawyer.

  • 6.18.22

    Following an eight-week bench trial, plaintiffs dropped its $6 million dollar plus demand and accepted a dismissal with a cost waiver. This trial victory, led by WSHB trial lawyer Rebecca M. Gabroy, underscored a hard fought battle in a complex defamation, breach of contract, lost profits and punitive damage case which endured many failed mediations.

  • 6.17.22

    Following a protracted trial, an Orange County jury handed an impressive win for WSHB trial lawyers Sheila Fix and Greg Amundson in a habitability case. Notably, this trial started on March 29 and the verdict was handed down almost three months later.

  • 6.14.22

    Following a three-week trial, a Los Angeles jury rejected a $45 million demand for a fatality in a jet ski accident in favor of Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman’s client.

  • 6.14.22

    In another victory for the team at WSHB, partner Ranjan Lahiri and senior counsel Sarah Spaulding obtained an outstanding verdict for the client, defeating Plaintiff’s 998 offer. Plaintiff who was injured while inside a self-storage unit demanded $1,175,000 in damages.

  • 6.6.22

     Another trial “first” for national law firm Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman last week when a Los Angeles jury returned the verdict. Tried by sibling partners, Tracy and Paul Lewis, this case represents a brother-sister trial duo that defeated plaintiff’s claim for over $2.4 million. 

  • 12.8.21

    Thirty-one days of trial testimony have culminated in a resounding defense verdict in a trial involving a commercial property in Orange County, California. After six hours of deliberation, the jury rejected a myriad of claims from the plaintiff, who leased a restaurant in a commercial area. Plaintiff claimed damages against the building property owner and management company exceeding $10.5 million, plus punitive damages and attorney fees.

  • 12.3.21

    A San Diego jury returned a defense verdict after deliberating for less than one hour in a closely watched habitability case involving a plaintiff claiming significant injuries from bedbugs. WSHB partner Paul Lewis successfully argued to the jury that plaintiff’s claim for over $500,000 in damages should be rejected in its entirety, a decision they embraced wholeheartedly.

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