• 2.9.24

    WSHB achieved a significant legal victory in obtaining the dismissal of a data breach class action lawsuit involving over 88,000 affected patients. The federal court judge issued a comprehensive 19-page opinion dismissing the class action and adopting the arguments presented by partners Dan Paret and Chris Seusing on behalf of their client, a non-profit mental health facility.

  • 2.5.24

    WSHB's Sebastian Larrea and Nicole Dominguez secured a victory in a property insurance claim dispute, resulting in the dismissal of the lawsuit with prejudice. This triumph not only showcases the firm's commitment to excellence but also highlights its exceptional ability to navigate complex legal challenges with expertise and skill.

  • 12.11.23

    WSHB is proud to announce that Partner Bolam Kim, lead counsel in a highly contentious childhood lead paint case, has achieved a significant victory. The appellate decision, delivered on November 9, 2023, is poised to impact the industry significantly as a seminal decision for the defense in lead paint litigation and is sure to have broad application for future cases moving forward.

  • 10.20.23

    WSHB, a leading national law firm, has achieved a significant victory in securing discovery related to litigation funding in a highly contentious matter between the parties. The court order issued by the Superior Court of Waterbury, CT., mandated the disclosure of a plaintiff's application for a litigation loan, shedding light on the implications of third-party funding in legal proceedings.

  • 9.29.23

    In a remarkable trial victory, attorney Maggy Mazlin achieved a unanimous defense verdict, rejecting a $9 million settlement demand and concluding over 5 ½ years of litigation. The trial, held in Suffolk County, saw a jury deliberation of just 25 minutes on liability before determining that WSHB’s client was not negligent.

  • 9.19.23

    WSHB added another success to its trial scorecard for the Pennsylvania office late this evening. In a medical malpractice case involving one of its hospital clients, an arbitrator rejected outright the claim handing the victory to WSHB’s hospital client. This particular case involved a claim for wrongful death/survival. Led by esteemed trial partner Andy Kessler, WSHB’s legal team achieved an extraordinary outcome for our hospital client, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice.

  • 8.30.23

    WSHB, a leading law firm specializing in complex litigation, secured a momentous victory on appeal in a high-stakes elder abuse and wrongful death lawsuit. Partner Marilyn Victor, Senior Counsel Joanna Dyriam, and Appellate Specialist Steve Disharoon, showcased their exceptional skills and expertise to secure a critical win for their clients.

  • 8.29.23

    WSHB, a leading national law firm, is pleased to announce the successful dismissal of its client in a high-profile wrongful death lawsuit following a two-week trial. The case involved a tragic collision on the 91 freeway, which resulted in the death of a young driver. WSHB's strategic defense team effectively navigated the complex legal landscape, leading to a favorable outcome.

  • 8.25.23

    We are pleased to announce a significant trial victory in the case involving allegations of sexual battery brought by plaintiff against her physician. Following a two week trial, the jury returned a defense verdict for WSHB’s client, a nephrologist and internal medicine specialist. 

  • 8.17.23

    WSHB is thrilled to announce a significant victory in the recent dismissal of a slip and fall lawsuit against their client. The plaintiff had demanded the policy limits of $1,000,000.00, but WSHB successfully obtained a complete dismissal of the case through a strategic motion for summary judgment. 

  • 8.8.23

    In a remarkable display of legal expertise and strategic thinking, Ashley Beagle, a partner at WSHB, together with rising associate Phillip Mendelson, achieved a significant milestone in a wrongful death action. Their motion for summary judgment, filed with precision and timeliness, resulted in the successful negotiation of dismissal for WSHB's client, in exchange for a waiver of attorney's fees and costs.

  • 8.8.23

    WSHB's Orange County office is celebrating a victory in trial, one that spanned eight weeks and involved a complex professional liability dispute involving an escrow company and escrow office. Partner, Catherine Deter, along with senior associate Frank Chatzipantsios, overcame unique challenges to obtain a favorable outcome. The clients faced 13 causes of action and in a 48 page statement of decision - the Judge sided with our clients and ruled that only minimal damages should be awarded as to one cause of action.

  • 7.6.23

    WSHB, a leading law firm specializing in litigation and advocacy, is proud to announce our success in prevailing in an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) motion. This motion effectively dismissed several claims brought against our esteemed client.

  • 6.23.23

    Congratulations are in order for partner Kelly Waters and senior counsel Brendan Johnson, who successfully argued a motion for summary judgment for the client! This case involved a plaintiff who brought suit against WSHB's client, the owner and general contractor of the oil refinery where the plaintiff fell and suffered injuries to his cervical spine. Plaintiff was employed by an established subcontractor at the work site at the time of his injury. Plaintiff's initial demand was five million dollars and was demanding 2.9 million dollars at the time of the decision.

  • 5.22.23

    The team of Michael Partos, Mary Dzharatanyan, and Rudolf Petrosyan from our Glendale office have successfully secured a summary judgment in favor of our client in a high-profile assault case involving a celebrity’s security guard.

  • 5.9.23

    We are thrilled to announce that Caroline Hopkins has secured a major victory for her client in a recent arbitration case in the state of Oregon. The case involved a claim for property damages for repairs stemming from construction-related activities. Caroline successfully defended our client, ultimately receiving a defense verdict!

  • 4.21.23

    WSHB is showing up for its clients in a big way in the courtroom! The construction community has been buzzing with anticipation since Plaintiff appealed a ruling of the Superior Court in a case with important implications for developers and general contractors throughout the state of California. We are thrilled that the Appellate Court issued its decision and affirmed the order of the Superior Court.

  • 4.7.23

    Managing Partner of WSHB’s San Diego office, Wyeth Burrows, commanded the court as he secured a defense verdict on behalf of a trucking company and its driver. 

  • 3.6.23

    WSHB partners Christopher Heo and Jack Pemberton succeeded in their motion for summary judgment on behalf of the client, a resort vacation club, accused of negligence and premises liability after a patron was injured in a slip and fall incident.

  • 3.6.23

    In a spectacular win, Partner Keith Smith and Senior Counsel Courtney Jakofsky, successfully obtained summary judgment and a dismissal in a general negligence and premises liability case filed against their general contractor and owner clients by an employee of a subcontractor working on the project.

  • 3.3.23

    In a highly contested matter, Arizona partner Jodi Mullis successfully argued a motion for summary judgment decided in favor of the client. This case arose out of a construction project for an assisted living facility. WSHB's client was the contractor for the project and entered an AIA Document A 102-2017 Standard Form Agreement. A fireplace subcontractor was retained to install and/or construct the fireplaces and chimneys at the facility. Construction on the project was completed in December 2020, and several weeks later a fire caused significant damage to the property. The plaintiff claimed that it suffered $2,777,183.40 in damages as a result. This amount included damage to real property, personal property, the cost of rehousing residents and loss of business income. Of the claimed loss only $713,172.00 was not covered by insurance.

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