"I hold the distinction of being the first partner elected after the firm was formed, a distinction even more powerful as I was contemporaneously an active member of the United States Navy Reserve," said trial lawyer and veteran Sheila Fix. "Throughout the year during my reserve duty, I had the opportunity to advise commands on the regional and national level ranging from the West Coast’s Naval Construction Force to the Navy Reserve Forces Command, which oversees Navy reserve members worldwide. This was a perfect opportunity to utilize both my legal prowess and give back to our country."

Sheila Fix was bestowed numerous awards during her naval career, the most recent of which were the prestigious Judge Advocate's Association’s Outstanding Career Armed Services Attorney for the Navy Reserve and the Legion of Merit.

Service to our country, leadership, and giving back. WSHB veterans enjoy a commanding, well-deserved reputation in the courtroom grounded in service to our nation. We have a team of veterans, found throughout the ranks of lawyers, paralegals, assistants, and staff members.

Our veterans are strategic, team players, and adaptable problem solvers. Extensive training in the military translates to thoughtful, decisive decision-making and always thinking many steps ahead in the chess game of litigation. They are fierce and zealous advocates with discipline, a strong work ethic, and tenacity. As fighters on the field, they bring the same drive to the courtroom as a passionate and devoted trial lawyer. Our veterans enjoy an uncanny ability to relate to the audience with a vivid narrative that drives results, from curating pleadings to compelling closing arguments.

WSHB lawyers who served in the JAG Corps enjoy incredible litigation experience handling a myriad of civil and criminal matters. They have ample trials to verdict under their proverbial belts before they join our firm. They know how to package an argument, articulate defenses, and understand oral and written advocacy. They serve as mentors to other lawyers and are always leaders in the firm.

Our veterans prize teamwork. No one works in a vacuum. Collaboration with all stakeholders in the litigation process is paramount, and the military experience represents an invaluable skill.

Successful interaction with clients on problem resolution, action plans, and execution starts with thorough, contemporaneous, and frequent communication. At the same time, our veterans understand the importance of following directions and orders and executing with precision game plans once they have solidified to resolve the most complex cases.

Respect is a value shared not only by our veterans but the entire firm. Diversity of thought is crucial in law practice -- for coworkers, clients, and every stakeholder in the litigation process. Our rich story of celebrating diversity includes the nuance brought by those who have given back to our nation.

Our team of veterans makes us a better firm.


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