Even after an initial verdict, your case may be far from over. During the appeals process, it is crucial to develop new strategies and perspectives that make a difference in a new court to achieve the best outcome for your case.

WSHB has years of trial experience and in-depth legal knowledge to successfully handle appellate motions, writs, briefing and oral arguments in both State and Federal cases We have successfully represented clients in both intermediate courts of appeals at State Supreme Courts and administrative appeals. Our attorneys have participated in many cases yielding published court decisions in diverse areas of the law.

Our extensive experience with all phases of the litigation process provides clients with crucial consistency in representation from case inception through trial, judgment, the appellate process and beyond.

We handle a wide range of appellate matters, including:


We successfully present writs to the appellate courts to challenge interim orders of the lower courts. We also successfully oppose writs submitted by opposing parties to protect favorable decisions by these lower courts.


We represent appellants and respondents in appeals processes. Our appellate practice includes appeals after trial and after final Court orders on summary judgment or jurisdictional challenges. We also successfully petition the Supreme Court for review of lower court orders.

Published Opinions

Our work has yielded dozens of favorable published opinions involving all aspects of law including real estate, commercial litigation, construction, product liability, toxic tort, and environmental law issues.


News & Resources

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