WSHB brings a national network of skilled trial attorneys to bear on litigating the complexities of local property management/tenant claims. Whether you are navigating the minefields of the San Francisco rent ordinance, or in need of a lawyer to differentiate between rent control and rent stabilization in New York, WSHB has property management/tenant attorneys who will apply a vigorous and specialized approach to your defense. Our wide-ranging client base includes investors, developers, buyers, sellers, owners, managers, and property managers, both locally and nationally. WSHB has secured successful results at all ends of the residential and commercial spectrum, from amateur mom-and-pop property managers to the some of the nation’s largest REITs.

Habitability Claims

Our breadth of experience also makes us uniquely equipped to tackle rental habitability claims. We have a proven track record in defending mold and excessive moisture claims, including vapor emission through concrete slabs. Our trial prowess and stable of experienced experts allow us to successfully undermine medical causation and others aspects of personal injury claims. We are also experienced in bedbug, cockroach, mice, and other infestation claims, in addition to more general habitability issues.

Wrongful Eviction Defense

We specialize in wrongful eviction defense and excel at construing and interpreting local rent ordinances on issues such as owner move-ins, constructive evictions, statutory penalties, and rent differential damages.

Negligent Security Claims

WSHB represents prominent clients in negligent security claims throughout the country. We regularly defend retail businesses, apartment and condo complexes, hotels, casinos, schools, country clubs, healthcare facilities, sports and entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, night clubs, commercial properties, residential apartment buildings, condos co-ops, and other clients in premises liability actions relating to criminal conduct of third parties on the premises, negligent security claims and false imprisonment claims.

Technology and Invasion of Privacy

WSHB is on the cutting edge of information technology, both in defending privacy claims, including security camera claims, and in conducting lawsuit investigations.

Other Areas

WSHB attorneys parlay parallel specializations in insurance coverage and construction litigation to assist landowners with a variety of issues including fire and flood loss claims, ADA compliance, and third-party liability.


  • Defense verdict for Los Angeles property manager in claims made by 13 plaintiffs, including six minor children, alleging habitability violations in their rent-controlled apartment units. Plaintiffs claimed numerous personal injuries as a result of living in the uninhabitable apartments over the course of a month-long trial
  • Successful summary disposition of tenant harassment claim brought by 13 tenants against a large apartment management company in Queens, New York pursuant to section 2525.9 of the New York Rent Stabilization Code
  • Dismissal and nuisance value settlement for Los Angeles property manager in wrongful eviction lawsuit. Suit involved claims of retaliatory eviction, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and both regular and punitive damages
  • Defense verdict in bedbug and roach infestation case in Atlanta, Georgia. Alleged damages included lost rent, medical bills, and emotional distress
  • Month-long trial followed by defense verdict in favor of owner and manager of Simi Valley, California, apartment complex in case involving alleged habitability defects, mold, and personal injuries
  • Advantageous settlement following multi-million dollar demand claim against an HOA and property manager in Denver, Colorado. Claims included habitability and resulting injuries, including permanent disfigurement, ongoing medical care, and repair of his condominium unit

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