If COVID-19 has proven historically unique in the scope of health and economic challenges faced, the legal implications will be unprecedented for employers in the months, days and hours ahead. The employment attorneys at WSHB are committed to helping our clients and industry partners. Partner Dana C. Withers is a leader in the firm’s national employment consultation practice, with over twenty years of experience both in house and as a private practitioner, consulting with CEOs, human resource directors and all variety of leave and personnel issues.

Dana and the attorneys within the firm’s employment practice group are actively advising employers on a variety of emerging issues regarding COVID-19, including:

  • FFCRA and CARES Act
  • Business Closures, Furloughs, Layoffs and Terminations
  • WARN Act Notice Compliance
  • OSHA/ADA/FMLA Implications
  • Management of Internal PTO/Sick Leave/Vacation
  • Employee Privacy & Protected Health Information
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Force Majeure Clauses
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits

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