Wood Smith Henning & Berman has established a formidable reputation in safeguarding the interests of aviation stakeholders worldwide. Our attorneys are experienced in the legal standards and regulations impacting the industry, understand the technologies surrounding aircrafts and possess practical industry knowledge. Our track record includes the successful defense of aviation product manufacturers, airframe manufacturers, maintenance providers, airport service and security firms, fixed base operators, airlines, airports, and other premises operators against a spectrum of claims, NTSB and international investigations, and lawsuits spanning the globe. Additionally, we offer adept counsel and representation to individual pilots and pilot organizations in administrative proceedings before the FAA and other regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, our firm handles intricate subrogation matters on behalf of aviation insurers, drawing upon the expertise of attorneys with engineering backgrounds and pilot licenses as well as Airframe and Powerplant mechanics. This multidimensional approach equips our clients with a distinct advantage in aerospace and aviation litigation. WSHB utilizes their expertise in the industry to protect our clients' assets and interests by employing ethically sound defense strategies that are tailored to each client's unique situation.

Within the aerospace domain, we have consistently delivered favorable outcomes for clients grappling with diverse challenges, from fuel and propulsion issues to deployment malfunctions, telemetry system anomalies, stabilization system patent licensing, and solar panel deterioration. Our clientele includes entities responsible for aerospace navigation systems, component parts, and unmanned space vehicle systems.

At the core of our client relationships lies a commitment to proactive risk management. Leveraging our extensive experience, we anticipate and mitigate potential losses wherever feasible, staying attuned to emerging technologies such as the widespread adoption of drones. By helping clients navigate evolving landscapes and foresee potential claims and litigation, we epitomize proactive legal counsel.

With a profound understanding of both the law and technology, we stand prepared to take cases to trial when necessary, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of gold-standard representation at every stage of dispute resolution. For those seeking unparalleled advocacy in aviation and aerospace matters, our dedicated team is primed to deliver excellence.

Members of the WSHB aviation litigation practice are led by attorneys who understand the technical aspects of aviation law. With the team's expertise and the firm's decades of experience in litigation, WSHB successfully represented a fixed based operator by explaining the maintenance and operation of an aircraft’s jet engine to shift liability onto a third party. In addition to fix-based operators, WSHB represents aircraft operators, pilots, airport operators, airport maintenance crews, aircraft operators, private charter operators, aviation insurers, aviation products and component part manufacturers, carriers, repair facilities, and manufacturers.

WSHB's aviation litigation team has experience in a wide range of aviation legal issues including:

  • Claims arising from airplane collisions
  • Coverage issues
  • Liability claims
  • Wrongful death
  • Personal injury
  • Contractual disputes
  • Property damage
  • Products liability
  • Employment issues
  • Commercial litigation matters
  • Administrative matters involving the FAA and other regulatory bodies
  • Emerging drone technology


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