Largest Representation of Women Attorneys

National thought leading law firm Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman was once again recognized as an industry leader based on the representation of women attorneys. The National Law Journal (NLJ) Women in Law Scorecard 2022 ranked WSHB in the top 10, coming in ninth place in the rankings.

Highly regarded by the legal industry, the Women in Law Scorecard ranks the United States’ largest law firms by representation of women attorneys. Scorecard rankings are calculated by adding each firm’s percentage of total women lawyers with the percentage of partners who are women.

"I’m thrilled the national spotlight is once again shining on our firm, showcasing what a phenomenal environment we have intentionally built for women lawyers,” said Janice Michaels, Managing Partner of WSHB's Law Vegas office. Michaels, also a member of the WSHB Diversity Task Force added, “diversity is an important issue for me personally, and a core value of our firm since inception. This ranking shows the commitment of the firm, and how we can intentionally continue to reach higher.”

“WSHB consistently promotes and encourages a culture in which its women attorneys are empowered to succeed at all levels,” said Kelly Waters, Managing Partner of the WSHB New Jersey office. “In my experience with WSHB, the advancement and support of women attorneys has consistently been a core value of the firm. The vision exceeds simply recruiting and hiring more women attorneys. The firm actively encourages women to grow in their knowledge and practice of the law, creates significant mentoring opportunities and intentionally places women in leadership roles to further represent the diversity the firm seeks to further enrich our productivity as an overall law practice."

Domingo Tan, a member of the firm's Diversity Task Force and Recruiting Committee, reiterated that family comes first at the firm, which is important when attracting quality attorneys. “To this end, the firm has adopted both formal and informal policies which recognize flexible schedules, remote working and flexible time policies that encourage work/life balance for all attorneys.”

Michelle Arbitrio, Managing Partner of the firm's White Plains office added, “I am so proud that NLJ is recognizing our firm’s commitment to supporting female attorneys, including our ongoing efforts to institute policies that make sense and provide flexibility for those who may have significant parenting and caregiving responsibilities. Our flexible policies enable us to recruit and retain the highest levels of female talent who provide great results for our clients. I am so proud of our many brilliant female lawyers across the country who are trying cases, resolving matters and providing superior client service on a daily basis. I am privileged to call them my partners, associates and friends.”

“I feel valued and encouraged to grow as an attorney at WSHB. I am an equal partner in the well-being of the firm and I take that responsibility seriously,” said Lori Barker, Managing Partner of WSHB’s New Orleans office. “Women have made leaps and bounds in the legal field in the past few decades and I am a proud recipient of the path paved by those who came before me. Working at a firm entrenched with the rights of women and of all people truly makes all the difference."

The 2022 Women in Law Scorecard is published as part of the annual NLJ 500 firm headcount report. Data on gender equity at law firms around the country is collected when firms report financial numbers and headcounts to ALM. Only the largest 350 firms are selected for the Women’s Scorecard. Gender equity counts are calculated based on a firm’s average full-time equivalent (FTE) attorneys in 2021. The NLJ 500 is the National Law Journal’s survey of the 500 largest law firms in the United States covering the previous calendar year. Data is collected from firms at the same time as the AmLaw financial numbers. ALM sent surveys in 2021 to more than 900 law firms to determine the 500 largest U.S.-centric firms by headcount. Lawyer totals are based on the average number of full-time equivalent (FTE) attorneys for the period between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021.

"We are proud to be recognized again for our leadership and advocacy for women in the legal field," said Cynthia Hammond, Chief Operating Office of WSHB. Hammond, who has been with the firm since its doors opened in 1997 stated, "I credit our success in this area to our intentional and continuous efforts to live out our vision of a workplace where women attorneys and women professionals thrive through every season of their careers. The awards are well-received and appreciated, but the true victory comes in the knowledge that WSHB serves as a positive work environment for our valued women attorneys and legal professionals.”

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