Attention all New Jersey public entities and government contractors! It's time to take cybersecurity even more seriously. On March 13, 2023, Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation that requires state agencies and government contractors to report cybersecurity incidents to the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness within 72 hours of an incident.

This new law is a game-changer for cybersecurity in New Jersey. It broadly covers all public agencies in the state, as well as government contractors, including municipalities, counties, kindergarten through 12th grade public schools, public colleges and universities, and state law enforcement agencies, among others.

Bill S297, known as the New Jersey Cybersecurity Reporting Law became effective immediately upon its signing. Public entities and government contractors should note the following highlights:

Government entities who find themselves a target of a cybersecurity attack must report the incident to the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness within 72 hours.

After a report is made, the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) will provide advice and assistance to affected entities to help them respond and take measures to fully recover from any damage caused by the attack.

The NJCCIC will also assist in the discovery of the tactics the hackers used to breach the system as well as sharing best practices to prevent similar attacks in the future.

The hope is that speedy reporting will support the NJCCIC's efforts in providing expedited responses and mitigation of any incidents.

With cyber threats increasing every day, it's crucial that public entities in New Jersey take proactive steps to protect their systems and data. This new law is a step in the right direction, but it's important to remember that prevention is key. Ensure your cybersecurity measures are up to date and take immediate action if a breach occurs. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your organization and the sensitive information it holds. If you have questions about the impact of this law, or any other cyber matters, please reach out to the cyber professionals at WSHB.

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