National litigation expert shares cutting edge strategies harnessing new technology

Los Angeles, CA (May 11, 2015) – Stephen Henning, co-founder of Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP, is scheduled to speak at West Coast Casualty’s Construction Seminar, Thursday, May 14, 2015, 1:30 PM, at the Disneyland Hotel and Resort, Anaheim, CA.  Henning joins three other national litigation experts to share smart, cutting edge litigation strategies that harness the latest technology resulting in more efficient handling and disposition of matters.   The session will cover all facets of change in the legal environment, from virtual depositions to paperless trials.

“Technological advances have provided the litigator new tools that can be employed to give an edge to virtually all different facets of litigation. We can now take depositions remotely, conduct mediations over cyberspace, inspect projects with drones and build projects using computer generated modeling,” said Henning. “Whether you are a builder, general counsel, risk manager or lawyer handling it’s critical to understand how to use the latest technology to work smarter and more efficiently.”

The 21st annual conference is the largest seminar of its kind worldwide focusing on all of the elements of the prosecution, defense, coverage and technologies of construction claims and litigation from a national perspective.

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