Los Angeles, CA - Wood Smith Henning and Berman (WSHB) proudly announces its prestigious inclusion as one of the top ten law firms on the highly regarded National Law Journal's 2023 Women in Law Scorecard. This annual ranking meticulously evaluates the percentage of female attorneys and female partners at the largest 350 firms in the country. With a number 9 ranking, this recognition solidifies WSHB's unwavering commitment to promoting gender equity, fostering diversity, and empowering women in the legal industry.

"We are proud to be recognized again for our leadership and advocacy for women in the legal field," said Cynthia Hammond, Chief Operating Officer of WSHB. Hammond, who has been with the firm since its doors opened in 1997 stated, "I credit our success in this area to our intentional and continuous efforts to live out our vision of a workplace where women thrive through every season of their careers. The awards are well-received and appreciated, but the true victory comes in the knowledge that WSHB serves as a positive work environment for our valued women attorneys and legal professionals.”

A resounding testament to this commitment can be witnessed in the remarkable number of women holding esteemed leadership positions within the firm. Women at WSHB play pivotal roles and significantly contribute to the firm's unparalleled growth and resounding success. Their invaluable perspectives and unrivaled expertise have indelibly shaped the firm into an unparalleled force in the legal industry. Earning recognition as a leading law firm for women is of paramount importance as it not only promotes diversity and inclusion but also magnetizes exceptional talent and fuels transformative change throughout the entire industry.

"WSHB's dedication to gender equality is not just a statement, but a tangible reality achieved through a powerful combination of strategic initiatives, mentorship programs, and policies meticulously designed to eliminate gender biases," said Janice Michaels, managing partner of WSHB’s Nevada office and Chair of the firm’s Diversity Task Force. "The firm has created an environment that not only encourages but propels women lawyers to thrive and succeed, equipping them with exceptional opportunities for monumental growth." Michaels passionately added, "Achieving a top ten national ranking in this area demonstrates WSHB's unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion within the legal profession – it unequivocally shows that we, as a firm, highly value and wholeheartedly support the advancement of women in the field."

Notably, this is the second year in a row WSHB has placed in the top 10 for women lawyers, ranking at number 9 for two years running. The firm has enjoyed top twenty rankings for several years, a sign of the commitment WSHB has to its female attorneys.

WSHB's exceptional achievement on the National Law Journal's Women in Law Scorecard stands as a shining testament to the firm's relentless pursuit of gender equality and unwavering commitment to empowering women within the legal industry. Through fostering an inclusive environment, WSHB continually sets the standard for unwavering excellence, and unapologetically inspires other firms to follow suit.

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