NLJ ranks WSHB in Top 200 of Nation’s Largest Law Firms

WSHB jumped to the #2 spot in the recently-published Women's Scorecard by the National Law Journal. The Women’s Diversity Scorecard is produced as part of the annual NLJ 500 firm head count report, which now ranks WSHB in the top 200 of the nation’s largest law firms.

WSHB has received many kudos for its efforts to increase diversity this past year. Law360 ranked WSHB tenth in its “100 Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys," while WSHB was also ranked #4 on the American Lawyer’s 2016 Diversity Scorecard.

“They have created something unique at WSHB,” said Kelly Waters, managing partner at the firm’s New Jersey office. Waters brought her extraordinarily successful litigation practice and twenty years of legal experience to WSHB in 2015. “What drew me to WSHB from the very beginning was the fact that they did not need committees or initiatives to create a law firm dedicated to diversity. WSHB has naturally done it right, way before it was trendy to do so. It’s refreshing to be part of a law firm that has always been organic and authentic when it comes to advancing the careers of its women lawyers.”

“WSHB does not simply give lip-service when it comes to open doors for female associates and partners,” said Janice Michaels, managing partner of WSHB’s Las Vegas office. “Female lawyers here are on equal footing with their male counterparts, whether it’s trial experience, mentoring or expanding professional opportunities.”

The Women in Law Score is determined by adding the percentage of female attorneys and percentage of female partners. Data on gender diversity at firms is collected when firms report financial numbers and head counts to ALM. Only the largest 350 firms are eligible for the Women’s Scorecard.

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