WSHB is proud to announce that Stephen Henning has been named a finalist for the RISE 2022 Mentor of the Year award.

Steve wears many hats as a founding partner at WSHB, but none are more important than his role as a mentor to countless lawyers and industry professionals over the years. Steve leads with an approachable, empathetic demeanor, making him the perfect candidate for this meaningful award.

“It is such a huge honor to be nominated for this award,” said Henning. “Of all of the things that we do as professionals, I feel strongly that our most rewarding contribution is mentoring and shepherding the next generation of lawyers and professionals in the industry. It is truly humbling to be in the company of the other great nominees.”

“Law firms are traditionally challenging environments,” said Michelle Arbitrio, managing partner of WSHB’s White Plains office. “Steve embodies WSHB’s philosophy that law firms should be collaborative, supportive environments where attorneys are able to achieve their highest potential. Steve is always positive and open to new ideas and different perspectives on how to approach cases, client service, law firm management, and all of the other facets of our job. He is also always looking for ways to promote and support WSHB attorneys by providing opportunities to publish, speak and connect with clients. I join the others who nominated Steve for this award in thanking him for his mentorship. He has made a difference in so many careers, including mine, and I am so glad that he is being recognized for this important contribution.”

WSHB warmly congratulates all of the finalists for this great achievement, including Halley Cruz of Insure National; Tim Roberts of Everest Insurance; and Tony Chimera of Westfield Specialty. The winner will be announced at the Rise Leadership Summit & Award Gala on June 1, 2022, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

WSHB wishes the best of luck to all of the nominees!

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