Jade Tran is a highly acclaimed trial lawyer, recognized both nationally and locally for her exceptional skills in the courtroom. As a member of the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), Jade has established herself as a formidable force in the legal field. Her expertise lies in handling highly contentious, complex cases with significant exposure. She is a member of WSHB’s acclaimed Eleventh Hour Trial team.

She honed her trial schools early on, earning Jade the distinction of being the youngest member of Orange County’s ABOTA ever. Now, with over two decades of experience, Jade has demonstrated her versatility by successfully representing clients in a wide range of legal matters. She has navigated toxic tort, products liability, premises liability, and catastrophic injury cases for both private and public clients. Jade's practice extends to various areas, including personal injury, habitability, hospitality, and environmental/toxic exposure litigation.

Jade's strategic approach and creative problem-solving abilities have allowed her to achieve early case resolutions, bringing closure to numerous matters throughout Southern California. However, when cases demand it, she fearlessly takes them to trial, advocating fiercely for her clients' interests. Her impressive track record in the courtroom has earned her the reputation of being the go-to lawyer for small, mid-sized, and large private companies, as well as public entities across Southern California.

Beyond her legal accomplishments, Jade is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusivity within the legal profession. Her commitment to these values has been recognized, as she was honored as one of the "Nation's Best" by Lawyers of Color.

Jade's dedication to her clients, coupled with her extensive experience and unwavering determination, make her an invaluable asset to the WSHB trial lawyer series. Her expertise and guidance not only assist clients in litigation matters but also provide valuable risk management advice to help steer them away from potential legal disputes.

We are proud to shine the light brightly on Jade, showcasing her exceptional talents and remarkable achievements in the courtroom.

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