Snohomish County, WA (April 15, 2024) - In a closely watched jury trial, WSHB managing partner Tim Repass achieved an impressive trial victory that showcased his exceptional litigation skills. After an intense two-week trial, the jury delivered a verdict that emphatically rejected the plaintiff's exorbitant $31 million in claimed damages. Plaintiff’s counsel used anchoring tactics in the admitted liability matter, but Repass successfully argued for a significantly reduced award of $550,000, even lower than our client's pre-trial offer.

The plaintiff alleged permanent injuries, including chronic back pain, physical deficits, and debilitating headaches. While the plaintiff's counsel primarily focused on the physical limitations and the life impacts, the defense effectively highlighted a pre-existing herniated disc condition and challenged the extent of the plaintiff's claimed injuries. "One of the biggest factors in this trial was our focus on the pre-existing medical condition that plaintiff claimed was asymptomatic at the time of the accident," said Repass. "In speaking with the jury post-verdict, we found that they understood and agreed with our arguments the natural progression of the pre-existing condition caused the current symptoms, and not the soft tissue injuries that our experts said would have resolved within 12 months."

Plaintiff's counsel employed anchoring tactics from the very beginning, starting in jury selection. However, the defense, under the brilliant guidance of Tim Repass, addressed these tactics head-on, presenting a compelling case that resonated with the jury. The plaintiff's final demand before trial stood at an astounding $12 million and, in closing arguments, their counsel sought an even more staggering $31 million. In stark contrast, our last offer was a mere $600,000, and Repass, in his closing argument, presented a convincing range of $250,000 to $500,000 as a fair evaluation of the case.

"When the demands are so outrageous, cases proceed to trial for juries to bring sanity to the issue," said Stephen Henning, founding partner of WSHB. "At the same time, we have seen an emboldened plaintiff bar which are rolling the dice on cases we would have never tried in years past. Whether this is due to litigation funding or chasing the dream of hitting it big, the import of having experienced trial lawyers defending the case is critical."

The jury's verdict of $550,000 not only vindicated WSHB's client but also showcased the strategic brilliance of Tim Repass and the defense team. Commenting on the outcome, Repass stated, "We are extremely pleased with the jury's decision. It affirms our belief in the strength of our case and the persuasive power of our arguments. This verdict sends a clear message that the jury recognized the exaggerated nature of the plaintiff's demand and carefully considered all the evidence presented."

Repass' exceptional trial skills and his ability to effectively counter anchoring tactics were key factors in securing this favorable outcome. His dedication to tirelessly advocate for our client's interests and his unwavering commitment to justice are exemplary.

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