As most of you know, all of our offices participate each year in adopting families for the Holidays. Each office has been adopting at least one very needy family in their specific area. Each of these families were specially selected low-income families who were experiencing very hard times and would not otherwise have been able to provide Holiday meals or gifts for their children. The families were selected through government agencies, community outreach programs and charitable organizations such as HopeLink, M.E.N.D. and Project HOPE. We are continuing this wonderful Holiday tradition this year.

By working together as a firm, we are able to help give these less fortunate children and their families a chance to enjoy the Holidays that many of us take for granted. We are collecting cash donations/gift cards and specific presents for individual family members for the Holidays in December.

Our firm's Adopt a Family charity work is completely voluntary and will include all attorneys and staff in each of our offices who wish to participate.  With the understanding that some offices are larger than others, we will work on joint donation efforts among some of the offices again this year.  For example, the Los Angeles office will assist in sharing donations with the families adopted by smaller offices such as Fresno and Denver.

The "organizers" will be selecting the specific family (or families) to adopt for each of their offices.  Please feel free to contact your office "organizer" with any suggestions regarding specific Holiday Family Adoption organizations.  Once the individual families are selected, an email will be sent out by your office "organizer" regarding a description of the families and their Holiday donation needs. With only small individual efforts by each of us, we can really make a big collective contribution as a firm.

We are hopeful that this will again be a very successful and rewarding experience for everyone and that we can make a real difference in the lives of less fortunate families in each of our communities this Holiday season.

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