Glendale, CA - The team of Michael Partos, Mary Dzharatanyan, and Rudolf Petrosyan from our Glendale office have successfully secured a summary judgment in favor of our client in a high-profile assault case involving a celebrity’s security guard.

The plaintiff alleged that a personal security guard of a renowned hip-hop artist assaulted him while he tried to serve him with legal papers at a Los Angeles nightclub. The hip-hop artist subsequently filed a cross-complaint against the nightclub and our client, a private security company. The plaintiff also amended his complaint to add our client as a defendant. A key issue in the case was the identity of the security guard that assaulted the plaintiff, which was unknown to all parties.

After extensive discovery, the team obtained evidence that supported a motion for summary judgment. In the moving papers, Ms. Dzharatanyan successfully argued that the plaintiff cannot meet its burden of proof for causation. A TMZ video captured the incident, which partially showed the security guard at issue. Through deposition and declaration testimonies, the team was able to establish that none of our client's security guards matched the profile of the individual in the TMZ video. The plaintiff was unable to introduce any evidence to create a triable issue of fact. The Court agreed with us and granted our motion for summary judgment, with Rudolf Petrosyan arguing the motion.

"We are thrilled with the outcome of this case and the hard work put in by our team," said Michael Partos. "This victory is a testament to our dedication to our clients and our commitment to justice."

This is a significant win for our client and a milestone for our firm. We are proud of our team's efforts and will continue to provide outstanding legal representation to our clients.

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