(Rancho Cucamonga, CA) - In a remarkable display of legal expertise and strategic thinking, Ashley Beagle, a partner at WSHB, together with rising associate Phillip Mendelson, achieved a significant milestone in a wrongful death action. Their motion for summary judgment, filed with precision and timeliness, resulted in the successful negotiation of dismissal for WSHB's client, in exchange for a waiver of attorney's fees and costs.

The case in question unfolded when the Plaintiffs' decedent, employed as a contractor for a city in Southern California, tragically lost his life while performing electrical work for a project at a regional park. WSHB's client, retained as the construction manager and inspector for the project, was at the center of the allegations. It was claimed that their negligence in executing professional services related to the electrical work and power shutdown led to the incident. However, the motion for summary judgment convincingly argued that the undisputed material facts failed to support the essential elements of the Plaintiffs' cause of action.

After an arduous two and a half years of litigation, the motion for summary judgment played a pivotal role in pressuring the Plaintiffs to make a difficult choice. They had to either challenge the motion, risking an unfavorable judgment and potential award of attorney's fees and costs in favor of WSHB's client, or alternatively, opt for a dismissal with prejudice. Ultimately, the Plaintiffs wisely decided to dismiss WSHB's client.

Ashley Beagle, one of the lead attorneys on the case, expressed her delight at the favorable outcome. She said, "This victory demonstrates the dedication and meticulousness of our legal team. We tirelessly pursued justice for our client and relentlessly advocated for their interests. I am immensely proud of our efforts and the support we received from our litigation team."

WSHB extends a heartfelt congratulations to Ashley Beagle, Phillip Mendelson, and the entire litigation support team for their unwavering commitment and exceptional work leading to this outstanding result. Their collective efforts have once again solidified WSHB's reputation as a leading force in the legal community.

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