(New York, NY). Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, a leading national law firm, is thrilled to announce a significant victory in the recent dismissal of a slip and fall lawsuit against their client. The plaintiff had demanded the policy limits of $1,000,000.00, but WSHB successfully obtained a complete dismissal of the case through a strategic motion for summary judgment.

In this particular case, the motion for summary judgment argued that there was a lack of evidence to prove that the client had created a dangerous or defective condition at the premises, or that they had any notice, actual or constructive, of such a condition. Furthermore, it was argued that the change in elevation at the subject premises was not in violation of any known codes or standards, and therefore, was not considered a dangerous or defective condition.

Despite opposition from the plaintiff's counsel, who heavily relied on their client's testimony and the affidavit of their expert, WSHB was able to effectively refute their arguments. The firm countered that the plaintiff's claims were misguided and that the expert's affidavit attempted to create a false issue of fact that could not be supported by relevant case law. They also highlighted the specific code section applicable to the change in elevation, demonstrating that it did not require a handrail as claimed by the plaintiff.

To support their motion and reply papers, defendants cited extensive case law, effectively distinguishing each of the opposing counsel's legal citations. With careful legal analysis and persuasive argumentation, the firm successfully convinced the court of the lack of merit in the plaintiff's claims.

"We are thrilled with the dismissal of this policy limits demand by way of a motion for summary judgment," said partner James Tyrie. "This victory highlights our team's exceptional legal expertise and unwavering commitment to our clients. We are proud of Sarah for her outstanding work on this case. This result further solidifies our reputation as a leading law firm in personal injury litigation.'"

The client, delighted with the outcome, expressed their satisfaction with WSHB's exceptional representation. The firm commends senior associate Sarah Labia for her outstanding work on this case.

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