Environmental Litigator Tom Vandenburg shares expertise at EECMA Conference

“Vapor Intrusion: Regulatory Update, Technical Issues and Legal Implications” is the focus of an EECMA conference panel to tap the expertise of environmental legal expert Tom Vandenburg. A partner at WSHB, Mr. Vandenburg has successfully handled numerous complex environmental and toxic tort matters throughout California and in the states of Washington, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. In his nearly 25-year career, Mr. Vandenburg has served as lead attorney for many high profile clients, securing multi-million environmental and toxic tort solutions for those clients, including a major university system, numerous public entities, and many large agricultural and manufacturing companies.

Mr. Vandenburg’s presentation will take place April 28, 2017, at the Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association spring conference in Orlando, Florida. Members of EECMA are focused on continued education about the many issues surrounding environmental, asbestos and other long-term exposure litigation.

“We will discuss the significant concerns, risks, and potential legal liability surrounding the migration of volatile chemicals from the subsurface into indoor air space through the process known as vapor intrusion,” said Mr. Vandenburg. “We will also discuss recent case law regarding defense of actions based upon toxic exposure through the vapor intrusion pathway.”

Joining Mr. Vandenburg on the panel is Paul Nuti, PE, LEED AP and Alborz Wozniak, PE, BCEE from Veritas Environmental Consulting, Inc.

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