Baltimore, MD

Nationally Recognized Litigator Shares Decades of Success

Tracy Abatemarco, co-managing partner of the New York office of WSHB, will be assuming the title of Professor Abatemarco at the upcoming 2021 Claims College which takes place on September 8-11, 2021. Abatemarco has been tapped by CLM to teach a course squarely focused on trial to a group of enrolled attorneys, general counsel, risk managers and claim professionals from around the nation. This intense educational immersion will take place in Baltimore, MD.

Known for her trial prowess and success in the courtroom, Abatemarco is charged with the formulation of a curriculum and presenting over the course of multiple days. A celebrated litigator throughout the Northeastern United States and founding partner of the New York office of WSHB, Abatemarco will draw upon decades of success in the courtroom.

“For me, this is an opportunity to give back to the greater defense community and mentor others,” said Abatemarco. Reflecting upon her syllabus, she added “at the same time, I have enjoyed the deep reflection on strategies that consistently work over the years even as our jury pools and attitudes shift.”

Abatemarco is a seasoned, results-oriented litigator who enjoys a national reputation for her consistent results. While she enjoys success in the courtroom, she takes pride in her ability to use pre-trial motions and other tools to secure early resolution and favorable results for her clients. Tracy focuses her practice on construction and labor law litigation, premises, lead paint, mold, toxic tort, transportation and complex general liability and casualty actions. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, real estate developers and contractors, insurance companies, financial institutions, and real estate owners and managers.

“Tracy is the perfect instructor for Claims College and we are extraordinarily proud she has been tapped for this prestigious role,” said Stephen Henning, founding partner of WSHB. “She is a recognized leader in trial work throughout the nation, and is constantly refining techniques and strategies with every curve ball thrown - from pandemic impacts to shifts in the jury demographics and jury pools. Tracy is an incredible mentor, and this opportunity showcases those skills like no other."

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