(Philadelphia, PA) WSHB, a leading law firm specializing in healthcare litigation, is pleased to announce the success of Partner Andy Kessler's presentation titled "You've Been Sued....Now What?" at the recent meeting for the Philadelphia Chapter of Vision Source.

The presentation, held on September 21, 2023 was attended by a community of optometrists from Vision Source, a renowned family of 3,000 locally owned optometric practices committed to delivering exceptional eye care while fostering personal relationships with patients. Partner Andy Kessler's talk provided valuable insights into the actions healthcare providers should take in terms of both risk management and guidance when faced with claims. Kessler, widely acclaimed for his results in the healthcare industry, offered sage guidance on navigating each phase of the litigation process.

With a focus on empowering healthcare professionals, the presentation covered a wide range of topics, including:

  1. Risk management practice pointers
  2.  Understanding the necessary steps after being named in a lawsuit
  3.  Insight into what to expect during the pleading, discovery, deposition, and trial phases
  4.  Strategies to proactively reduce the risk of being sued

Partner Andy Kessler's expertise and engaging delivery captivated the audience, resulting in a lively question and answer session at the conclusion of the presentation. A sought after speaker, Kessler provides presentations to various health organizations around the nation on emerging topics. He draws upon his extensive background and encyclopedic knowledge of the healthcare industry.

"I am honored to have had the opportunity to address the Philadelphia Chapter of Vision Source. It was a pleasure to provide guidance to healthcare providers on navigating the complexities of lawsuits and to share strategies for reducing risk,” said Kessler, managing partner of the Philadelphia office of WSHB. “This audience was particularly lively and engaged, which made this an even more rewarding experience. They appreciated the practical insights and actionable strategies which I shared with them. It is wonderful to witness the impact our firm can make in helping healthcare providers better navigate the legal challenges they may face."

Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP has a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional legal services to healthcare professionals. Partner Andy Kessler's presentation further solidifies the firm's commitment to supporting healthcare providers in their quest to deliver quality care while mitigating legal risks.

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