Highly Anticipated Panel at CLM Professional Liability Conference to Present on Difficult Litigation Issue

(Boston, MA). During the past year, multiple headlines and news alerts have captured the bad acts of an individual in the medical world which translates into high profile claims of sexual battery and other intentional act claims. In addition to navigating the publicity, political fallout and impact on reputation of the institutions involved, the aftermath of the litigation which ensues is huge.

Constance Endelicato, a celebrated trial lawyer from the national law firm of Wood Smith Henning & Berman, will be tackling this difficult issue head on at a litigation conference of highly placed claim professionals, risk managers, general counsel and lawyers in the medical negligence area during the 2019 CLM Cyber, Management, and Professional Liability Conference which takes place at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel on July 11, 2019.

"It is easy to paint a picture of rampant abuse in institutions accused of sexual battery which relate to the act of one individual," said Endelicato. "Navigating this minefield is one of the most difficult tasks of the general counsel, claim professional and lawyer in divining the truth, employing safeguards to protect against this conduct and bringing closure for everyone involved."

Constance will be presenting with national thought leaders in this area, including David Prisco (Avalon Claims Management, LLC), attorney Jasmina Richter, and Jayne Spies (Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group). This highly anticipated discussion will focus on intentional tort claims currently making the rounds within the media, including instances of sexual abuse during medical exams of athletes and an individual nicknamed “Dr. Death”, a surgeon whose intentional acts have taken lives and left many permanently injured. In this panel Constance will address how one bad claim can spiral into the professional, as well as, personal detriment of the provider, in addition to early analysis of the credibility of the claim, determination of coverage, damage control strategies, ethical obligations, as well as, procedural issues.

Constance Endelicato is a Partner in WSHB's Los Angeles office. Her practice primarily commits to the defense of professional liability claims, aiding the likes of physicians, hospitals, and nursing facilities. Ms. Endelicato is licensed to practice in United States District Court, Central, Northern, and Southern Districts of California.

CLM's Professional Liability conference uniquely offers its participants unprecedented knowledge access to leaders in the profession. Attendees will have a unique professional opportunity to share their expertise in partnership with other authorities from across the country while building relationships. WSHB is a Diamond Sponsor of this CLM event.

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