Prevention and Response Strategies

New year. Same problems. Cyber criminals will not be turning over a new leaf in 2023, but with the right tools businesses can learn and implement methods to prevent and respond intelligently to cyber-attacks. On January 10, 2023, at 11:00 a.m., WSHB Partner and Cybersecurity Team Lead, Chris Seusing, along with fellow thought leader Michael Bruemmer, Vice President of Global Data Breach and Consumer Protection of Experian, will be streaming in a thirty-minute podcast entitled "2023, A Cyber Threat Odyssey" on what to expect in cybersecurity in 2023. Specifically, they will provide listeners with insight and discussion of the following:

  • Experian’s Tenth Annual Data Breach Forecast (The new frontier of the metaverse, AI, political cyberwar, and more)
  • 2022 Breach Redux: We won’t tell you who, but we’ll tell you how they messed up
  • Are we supply chain fools? Plus, get a third-party breach trend overview
  • Korea, Russia, and more: A one-way ticket to a rapid-fire roundup of breach news

Be sure to mark your calendars to tune in for this must-see event. To register please click here.

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