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WSHB’s Medical Malpractice and Healthcare Law Group defends hospitals, physicians, chiropractors, nursing homes, pharmacists, dentists, long-term care facilities and other healthcare providers.  Medical malpractice and healthcare law requires attorneys who know medicine and understand complicated medical procedures. Armed with this knowledge, WSHB’s attorneys develop the strongest defense possible in these cases.  Our attorneys not only understand the medical basis of a case, but also know how to make it real and understandable for people without medical training–people like judges and jurors, when cases proceed to that point.   Our team has extensive trial experience and stands ready to go the distance when necessary.

The firm’s Medical Malpractice and Healthcare attorneys provide risk-management and litigation-defense services to medical providers and healthcare institutions.  They work closely with insurance carriers, healthcare professionals, expert witnesses, and risk management departments to provide thorough case evaluation and aggressive pretrial and courtroom defense.

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