New York

The 2022 DRI Professional Liability Seminar in New York is on track to exceed expectations for attendance according to WSHB partner Kate Whitlock. Serving as the 2022 Conference Chair, Whitlock, partner in the Atlanta office of WSHB, is emboldened by record attendance which she attributes to the education-rich agenda coupled with a desire to get back to in-person conferences.

“Our professional liability world is changing as a result of theories of liability and damage claims, and a marked shift in the behaviors of the triers of fact,” said Whitlock. "A newly sensitized pool of jurors coupled with a world where we have remote workers in every profession is a decided change from years past. People handling professional liability matters must stay ahead of the proverbial curve and be at the top of their game which is why I believe this seminar is enjoying such popularity this year.”

One of the highlights of the conference will be thought leaders presenting the “inside scoop” of what they really want and need in anticipation of mediation. “In addition, they have expanded the networking time for the seminar which is an excellent opportunity to forge new connections across the professional liability community, and renew existing relationships,” said Whitlock. DRI has also planned special outings including the popular dine-around and networking receptions. “New York during the holidays and first-rate educational programming, this seminar is a must-attend,” Whitlock added.

DRI’s Professional Liability Seminar is well-regarded in the industry for its exploration of in-depth significant developments in professional liability. “I am looking forward to seeing our friends at this event,” said Whitlock.

Space is available at the conference remain as of this writing. The link to register can be found here.  

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