A Philosophy That Yields Success.

Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman cultivates a well-rounded philosophy with multiple aspects that lead to one goal – achieving the best results for our clients. The key tenets of our philosophy are listed below. To learn more about how our philosophy can help us produce the best outcome for you, please contact us.


From day one, we work with you to understand your position and keep you informed at all stages of a case. As we attentively listen to all of your concerns, we are better able to respond to your needs, anticipate pitfalls and seize opportunities.


Providing quality service requires a substantial effort by each lawyer at WSH&B. For example, our partners are actively involved in our clients’ matters and do not merely manage the work of others. Their direct participation is the best guarantee that our work on every project will be world-class.


We take a fresh approach to each case and seek innovative solutions to complex problems. We first evaluate how a case might be resolved early and in our client’s favor, to avoid unnecessary costs. In trial, we explore every avenue – whether traditional or unconventional – to achieve the best outcomes. We also leverage technology and operational efficiency to develop successful strategies at every stage of a case.


One of the guiding principles at WSH&B is the recruitment of exceptionally talented attorneys. We hire attorneys with diverse backgrounds but with the common trait of outstanding academic and personal achievement. Our professionals are creative thinkers, bold litigators and intelligent strategists who work hard and think ahead. Moreover, WSH&B’s talent is reflected our attorneys’ frequent appearances as lecturers and panelists on programs sponsored by national, state and local bar associations and other professional groups.


We achieve the best results by harnessing the diverse experience and abilities of our attorneys. We view every client as a client of the firm, not of an individual. We also reach out to other firms and attorneys when necessary to leverage additional resources. Teamwork is paramount at WSH&B; we value excellence and our reward is loyal clients who benefit from our collaboration.


WSH&B’s diversified practice enables us to offer solutions to the most challenging legal issues. We are committed to the highest standards in everything we do and the continued success of our clients.


At all times we adhere to fair, reasonable and clear billing policies. For example, we do not charge for “roundtable” meetings between partners strategizing over your case. We appreciate our clients and do everything we can to manage costs appropriately.

To learn more about our philosophy and how we can protect your interests, please contact us.