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Defense Verdict Rendered in Favor of WSHB Client in Lawsuit Arising From Business Transaction

January 23, 2009

Late Friday, January 23, 2009, an Orange County Jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of our client, Birdwell Holdings L.P.  Our client was sued by Hunt Investors for intentional interference with contractual relations relating to the failed negotiations to purchase an engine testing laboratory.  The co-defendant was Extengine Transport Systems, who also received a defense verdict.  Plaintiff initially sought millions of dollars in damages, which were significantly reduced during the trial due to successful motions in limine.

The background of the case is this – – Hunt wanted to buy a lab owned by Extengine, so these two parties entered into a non-binding letter of intent.  The only term in the letter of intent that was supposedly binding was Extengine’s agreement not to negotiate with anyone else.  Our client Birdwell, was owed millions of dollars by Extengine.  When it looked like a deal with Hunt wasn’t going to work, Extengine transferred ownership of the lab to Birdwell in exchange for forgiveness of the loans.  Hunt became upset and sued to get back the attorneys fees and accountant fees it spent during the negotiations. 

Congratulations to Greg for this defense verdict.  Congratulations also go out to Ranjan Lahiri for preparing the case so well for trial.



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