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January 28, 2016

WSHB is pleased to announce that the following two attorneys have been elected to the Firm's partnership, effective January 1, 2016: T. Blake Gross and Tracy Lewis. “Elevation to partnership at WSHB is a reflection that each of the attorneys above has demonstrated exceptional legal, supervisory and management skills over their case loads,” said Dan Berman, WSHB's Firm Chairman. “Both of these attorneys has also consistently exhibited a strong desire to provide the firm's clients with first class legal representation, while always working hard to be a team player dedicated to maintaining the unique culture of WSHB that makes this firm special.”...

January 27, 2016

WSHB is pleased to announce that we have elected eleven associates to senior counsel: Summit Dhillon (Fresno), Steven Disharoon (Concord), Robin Holseth (Las Vegas), J. Paul Lewis (San Diego), Haley Maglieri (Denver), Graham Miller (Portland), Andrew Mallon (Rancho Cucamonga), Graham Miller (Portland), Jodi Mullis (Phoenix), Kamran Shahabi (Rancho Cucamonga), D. Sean Smith (Denver), and Erin Varriano (Seattle)....

January 26, 2016

Indemnity clauses are a standard provision in nearly all consumer and commercial contracts. How the courts interpret the language of an indemnity clause will either substantially limit or broaden a party's liability and exposure. This case is important to anyone who is drafting indemnification provisions in a contract and demonstrates how important every word in an indemnity provision is when claims eventually arise. ...

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